Bianca Saunders is a London born and based Menswear Designer. Saunders most recently graduated with masters from The Royal college of Art in menswear design. Prior to that she completed her BA at Kingston University in Fashion design. Achieving a first place prize for the Sophie Hallette lace competition her graduate collection. 

Saunders work is based around the exploration of surrounding identities, alongside influences from her British-West Indian heritage and what that means in London today.  By looking at authentic research and self-documented archives Saunders pushes to create cultural exchanges through garments sound and film. Bianca Saunders produces a wardrobe that has elements of contemporary tailoring and elevated causal wear using drape techniques.  

Saunders most recent collection is an attempt to define contemporary black masculinity, through a formulated dialogue challenging the stereotypes of hyper masculinity and how that is internalised, touching on hints of feminine nuances. Saunders see her research as an important aspect to her work. She recently curated an exhibition at Miranda, at The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch London titled " Personal Politics". The exhibition showed the collection film titled “ Permission” which is now on the Nowness website directed by Akinola Davies JR. 

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